Welcome to The village between fjord and sea

Sdr. Nissum is a cosy little village, placed on the southern side of Nissum Fjord and next to Husby plantation. The village has all the necessary facilities, such as a sports centre, soccer field, tennis court, independent school, residential home for elderly people and a church. Stores include a supermarket, pharmacy–sale, plumber, art-store, candle moulding, hairdresser, auto repair shop and a tavern. Every year a great yield consisting of carrots, potatoes and onions is harvested from the sandy soil. The carrots are known throughout the country for its fine taste and quality.
Reed for thatched houses is another speciality from Sdr. Nissum, as the salt from the North Sea provides the reed with a unique durability, which is appreciated by experts. By the school is placed a well equipped playground, and in the little forest-area by Nørhede is located a special forest-playground.

Just outside Sdr. Nissum by the fjord lies the holiday cottage areas Nørhede East and West. On the fjord there are plenty of opportunities for windsurfing and angling. The Fjand-area to the west is naturally combined with Sdr. Nissum. It is all one parish, common independent school and commonality about the different local associations.

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